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   Sašo Lucu
GSM: +386 41 920 868
E-pošta: tbtp/mvdvAsplvt.lmfuu/tj


Fax: +386 1 513 46 79
E-mail: obspdjmbAsplvt.lmfuu/tj

We only accept written orders. An order form must include the following information: exact address of the person/entity placing the order, delivery address, payer details (if different to the person/entity placing the order), type of order (fixed or consignment). For individual items within the order, the following must be indicated: exact name of the product, EAN code and quantity.


Phone: +386 1 513 46 46
E-mail: wsbdjmbAsplvt.lmfuu/tj

Consignment goods can only be returned with prior notice. The goods should be returned personally to our delivery service or our representatives. We do not accept returns from fixed or advance sales.

Refunds and exchanges

Phone: +386 1 513 46 46
E-mail: sflmbnbdjkfAsplvt.lmfuu/tj

We refund or exchange goods within 8 days of their receipt (except in cases of hidden defects, to which rights under general law apply).