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As the largest educational publisher in the country we cover the majority of primary school subjects and some secondary school subjects. All of our textbooks are designed in accordance with current curricula and are based on modern didactical approaches. Every year we prepare approximately 10 new textbook sets. We are currently chiefly focused on the development of electronic textbooks for interactive whiteboards and numerous supplementary materials. Through such interactive textbooks we wish to bring teaching and learning to a new level.

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For secondary schools, we have already published two very successful textbook series some time ago for Slovenian language and literature, a textbook series for the English language and some other subjects, along with numerous supplementary materials for different subjects. Apart from these materials, our publishing house also provides a wide selection of foreign language textbooks issued by renowned foreign publishers. Materials for other subjects are also in preparation, with those involving the English language being the first to become available.

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Ecological textbook sets
Ekološko gradivoOur textbooks and workbooks are printed on eco-friendly paper – special paper with the FSC certificate. The certificate assures that a new tree is planted for every tree felled for pulp production.

Vsi smo posebni (Everyone is special)
Vsi smo posebniIn 2010 we made a decision to start publishing textbooks adapted to children with special requirements. For this purpose, a special fund has been established in which a share of sales revenues from our workbooks and independent workbooks is collected.