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Take Care: as inspiration to everyone in taking care of our planet


Take Care

The National Geographic exhibition will be on view at the Information Centre of Triglav National Park, Triglavska roža, at Bled from 6 March to 9 June 2013.

Take Care: as inspiration to everyone in taking care of our planet

Scenes from nature in Slovenia and the USA, caught in the lens of National Geographic photographers

This is the only world we have. It is vast and varied, and bursting with life. But as we know, it is threatened by climate change and the dwindling of resources due to the rapid growth in population and increasing consumption. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that each one of us should make an effort to help preserve this world. This collection of photographs tries to act as a reminder and inspiration at the same time: it reminds us how beautiful our planet is, and also seeks to inspire each and every one of us to contribute to preserving this beauty. Saving the world seems an immensely difficult task, and if you see it that way, you may well think to yourself that there is not a thing that you can do. But if you look at things differently – what could we do as individuals to help the planet – you realise that there are many simple measures that can be taken.

The photographs depict nature in the USA and in Slovenia. Some themes are obvious characteristics of one or the other of the two countries, but it is interesting to note that many of the images displayed could be from either here or there. Both countries, the USA and Slovenia, have very diverse landscapes. The USA, of course, extends over an extensive territory. And in Slovenia, quite amazingly, all the astounding diversity is condensed into a relatively small area.

National Geographic magazine is famous for its beautiful photographs, and perhaps the most stringent criteria for what is published and what is not. This collection includes photographs that have been taken by the photographers of the National Geographic for the magazine. Many of them have not even been published yet and are displayed here for the first time. Many of them give us a subtle but effective warning of the human relationship with nature and how delicate this balance is.

We hope that you will enjoy the exhibition. And what is more, we hope that you will be inspired, and will find more new ways to show that you care for our wonderful planet.

Christopher Wurst, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy in Slovenia; adapted from the accompanying text to the exhibition

Take Care