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School supplies


We are happy to present the Lili and Bine school supplies, created to accompany our textbook series for the first three years of elementary school. These include school notebooks, colour pencils, felt-tip colours and pencil case with supplies – all this will be available in bookshops and in the usual outlets in the month of May this year!

In designing the supplies we performed some research among the teachers in order to produce quality and affordable items that are completely tailored to the needs of lessons in the first three years of a child's education period. And so learning in the new school year will be even more fun and creative with the adorable Lili and Bine characters.

Lili and Bine school notebooks

The Lili and Bine notebooks are specifically designed for work in the initial education period and also feature didactic content on the inside cover pages. We have been particularly careful in choosing a paper with a good absorption quality to prevent splodging when writing, that also has an adequate thickness. At the same time we decided to use an environmentally friendly solution and had the notebooks made from certified high quality 100-percent recycled paper.

Zvezki Lili in Bine

Barvice Lili in Bine

Lili and Bine colour pencils

Together with teachers, we chose colour pencils with a greater thickness (9 mm) and an ergonomic triangular grip that prevents uncontrolled rotation of the pencil in the hand for children in the first three years of elementary school. A special 4.3 mm thick lead is resistant to the excessive pressure of children's hands, while the oil pastels in the pencils make colouring easy without having to exert too much pressure. The pencils come in a metal box.

Flomastri Lili in Bine


Lili and Bine felt-tip colours

These felt-tips of intense and durable colours come in a neat cardboard box. The bevelled tops are formed so that the thickness of the stroke can change depending on the angle of the felt-tip when drawing or writing. The colours are washable and contain no harmful ingredients, which makes them particularly nice to use.


Peresnica Lili in BineLili and Bine pencil case

A very practical pencil case with two zips includes all the basic supplies needed by any child in the initial three-year period of their schooling:

  • Lili and Bine colour pencils (12 pieces)
  • Lili and Bine felt-tip colours (12 pieces)
  • HB pencil with a triangular grip (1 piece)
  • 2B pencil with a triangular grip (1 piece)
  • Maped rubber (1 piece)

Besides all this, the pencil case still has enough room for other vital additions: fountain pen, corrector pen and ruler.