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Even more free online dictionaries


By publishing extensive and contemporary online dictionaries, Rokus Klett Publishing has made free educational material available to all that come into regular or occasional contact with foreign languages – pupils, students, teachers, academics, language editors, translators and course participants, as well as employees in companies.

 What’s in the online dictionaries?

Online dictionaries contain several million words and phrases with translations, examples of language usage in sentences, as well as audio pronunciation. They take into account both literary and colloquial, slang and jargon expressions, specialist vocabulary from various fields, as well as many regional variations of individual languages. Content can be added by users.

From now on also on Facebook

With the expansion of the online dictionaries, the profile PONS Slovenija on Facebook ( has also been given a lease of life. Fans can enjoy fun films, idioms and cultural peculiarities from the English-speaking world.