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International prize for Rokus´ physics


Textbooks by educational publishers that have come out in the last calendar year take part in the competition every year. Their quality is assessed by a jury composed of textbook researchers, mostly university professors from various countries (Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Estonia, the Netherlands and Denmark).

The awarded textbook set was written by physics teachers: Ambrož Demšar, Đulijana Juričić, Valentina Mlakar and Vasja Kožuh, editor at the Rokus Klett Publishing House and physics teacher.

In backing up the award for the textbook set Zakaj se dogaja? Sile in energija, the jury highlighted, among other things, that the material is contemporary and set out clearly. It contains superb photographs, illustrations and diagrams, which thoughtfully link to the contents. The emphasis is on the fun aspect of learning and the connection between physics and everyday life, which is an excellent motivator for pupils. The material also contains a great collection of diverse tasks, exercises and experiments, hence enabling pupils with different learning styles, interests and abilities to work successfully.

 Zakaj dogaja?

You can flick through the textbook HERE!