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3rd International Symposium for Headmasters


The third in a row, now traditional gathering of headmasters in the Eastern European region will bring comprehensive insight into governmental solutions in the region's respective countries.

Participants will be able to learn in detail of the plans on governmental agendas and when the start of wide implementation of the digital revolution could be sought. When and how are schools to be equipped? What works well in Croatia, what does not work somewhere else? What was the Turkish governmental project Fatih all about and why do half of all Slovenian students use digital materials in their biology classes? Experts from different Eastern European ministries will present their ideas, visions of the near future, as well as their success stories and the probably less shiny projects in the region. After this third summit, we will know for certain where our real digital chances are and when digital teaching and digital classrooms are to become the main objectives.

Grand Hotel Palace,
Thessaloniki, Greece, 26–29 November 2015

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We are accepting your registrations until 5 October 2015 or until we reach full capacity:
+386 1 513 46 54