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Contemporary Approaches to School Management


Srečanje ravnateljev

On Thursday, 4 February, in the idyllic ambience of the Brdo Congress Centre, we hosted as many as a third of Slovenia's primary school headmasters at a meeting entitled Contemporary Approaches to School Management. Renowned local and foreign experts put forward a number of ideas and tips for managing schools that have been verified to work in practice.

We listened to the different approaches of how to build a foundation for effective communication, which is essential in the function as headmaster, forging links between all those taking part in the education of children. We learned about many valuable starting points on how to become a better (and even better) leader in interacting with the surroundings and how to transfer one's developmental know-how onto employees.

We proceeded to learn how to introduce increasingly indispensable multimedia support into the teaching process in a considered manner. We also found out how the needs for digital resources and knowledge – which are essential for the sovereign use of technology – are growing by generation, and how these define the approaches in working with pupils at different levels of the education system.

PowerPoint presentations

Maruša Kmet
Strast do znanja

Janja Zupančič, prof.: 
S pogovori o učenju do uspešne šole

Dave Harris: 
Vodstveni dialogi in tehnologija – kako doseči najboljše, kar naši sodelavci zmorejo, ob uporabi računalnikov okoli nas

Mag. Alenka Krapež: 
Ustvarjanje prijetne klime in dobrega vzdušja med sodelavci – nikoli končana zgodba

Prof. dr. Janez Bešter: 
Multimedija v šolstvu – od tehnologij k vsebinam in od pilotov k aktivni uporabi

Dr. Matej Urbančič: 
Črka e loči učenje od e-učenja