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27th Slovenian Book Fair


At the end of November, the 27th Slovenian Book Fair will be hosted in Cankarjev dom. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of our publishing house, we invite you to visit our three booths:

  • V-22 in the Grand Reception Hall
  • P-09 in Foyer I.
  • 2P-7 in Foyer II.

In the Grand Reception Hall, we will present the development of our publishing house through its publications, which have made an impact on the Slovenian book market. Also available to try out will be our textbooks in electronic format, using an interactive whiteboard. The booth in Foyer I will be dedicated to Lilibi Land – an interactive educational website for children aged 4 and over. You will be able to find all the materials to facilitate learning and obtain better grades as well as the PONS language manuals in Foyer II.

We invite you to attend the book fair from 23 to 27 November 2011!