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English symposium Teaching tips up for grabs


simpozij za angleščino

Dear Friends!

On the first Saturday in February, in the idyllic surroundings of the Brdo Congress Centre, we were brought together by the English symposium entitled Teaching tips up for grabs.Several prominent foreign experts presented us with many fresh, creative ideas for teaching English, which really work in the classroom.

The passion for knowledge has driven Rokus Klett Publishing for a quarter of a century. During this time, the approaches to teaching have changed considerably as we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of creative techniques for the process of memorization and the motivation of our pupils. But since we are all different, each one of us requires a different approach to learning as well as teaching. At our symposium, renowned lecturers presented the teaching guidelines and methods of how to include elements in lessons that attract and inspire pupils, especially in today's times.

We extend a sincere thanks to all of you who helped to create an unforgettable event by being there.

We invite you to take a look below at the photos from the symposium and presentations of the lectures and workshops given by the speakers.

Photo Gallery


Andrzej Raczkowski - Developing Thinking Skills at an Early Age
Johanna Strirling - Teaching Tips for Teaching Humans
Penny Ur - Games in the Language Classroom
Richard Shepherd - Are We Teaching Lies


Andrzej Raczkowski - Helping Young Learners to Develop Super
Johanna Stirling - It's All About Image
Penny Ur - Adapting the Coursebook
Richard Shepherd - Moving from Tradition